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Schedule Double Fame event 28th-1st August during Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive:
12.00 pm-19.00pm 

From 28th July to 07th August, 2014, you will be able to donate at a SPECIAL donation discount! Come grab up on these special promo..
Pleace check the price below:

 Terminator Mask = RM60
 Pilot Helm = RM60
 Naga Mask +10= RM120
 Necklace of Abomy +175 = RM150
 Necklace of Sentinal +175 = RM150
 Set Ring Victor&Bahamut +150 = RM80
 Valcano Armor = 200
 Valcano Boot&Glove = 100
 Valcano Sleves&Pant = RM100
 Vip Set(Volcano)+Naga Mask +10 = RM350
 Red Santa Clothing = RM70
 Blue Santa Clothing = RM120
 Green Santa Clothing = RM170

Upgrade Santa G to Valcano(Amor/P&S/B&G) = RM220
Naga Mask +5 Upgrade Naga Mask +10 = RM100
Terminator/Pilot upgrade Naga Mask +10 = RM80
Sunglasses Upgrade Naga Mask +10 = RM50

Account Number: 164137487385(MAYBANK)
Account Holder: Abdul Rahman

Account Number: 14580011918521(CIMB)
Account Holder: Abdul Rahman

After Bank in please send SMS to :

Please Type
RYLGLOBAL ID/Charname/Donation Item/Date Bank In/Amount/ Send to 010-2687138

Example :
RYLGLOBAL Jerry/Proxie/Valcano Armor/31.7.2014/RM220/ Send to 010-2687138

   Ramadhan&Hari Raya Event 30/06/2014
 Ramadhan Event
-Event will effective 7th July-1st August
-Ketupat package will drop by monster Ancient Spirit
-Anto/Din2 Stone/Tob random when player click ketupat package

Hari Raya Aidilfitri Event
-Double fame from 28th July-1st August
   Client&Patch&Latest Patch 17/06/2014

To player have problem to download Client or Patch from website can use this link to download client/patch

Full Client


Below was link for latest patch,player can download&extract to dekstop and copy all file from folder(latest patch) then paste at ryl global folder.

Latest Patch

   RYL2 GLOBAL Official Open! 20/10/2010
We are proud to announce that RYL2 Global is officially open now. If you are a newcomer, then download and install to play this server. Thank you for all the support and Welcome to Global.
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tarik boss RON
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Kaki scammer !!
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